Programme format

February 2017 Cohort
Dissertation deadline: Friday 16th February 2018

October 2017 Cohort
Research Proposal due: Tuesday 27th March 2018
Dissertation deadline: Friday 28th September 2018

February 2018 Cohort
APD 1 submission: Monday 9th April 2018
APD 2 submission: Monday 4th June 2018
Research Proposal due: Friday 10th August 2018
Dissertation deadline: Friday 15th February 2019

Course format and duration

The Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance programme is made up of two units, Academic and Professional Development and the Dissertation. In order to complete the programme, both units must be studied and their assignments passed.

Courseware slide - Introduction to Accounting Controls.

The programme is designed to last for one year, with Academic and Professional Development studied over a 3 month period and the Dissertation over 9 months. The units are studied one after another. Once students have submitted assignments for their first unit of study and the assignment submission period has closed, the second unit of study is then open for students to begin

Each unit comprises of 10 sessions of online learning. The online learning portal is designed to provide students with an interactive and rich learning experience and provides students with the framework and support to direct their research activities. As well as the online learning portal, students are supported throughout the programme by their dedicated academic supervisor. The one to one relationship between student and supervisor supports students to maximise their potential and progress toward the submission of the assignments.

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For more information on the assignments for each unit, please see Assessment section.

Academic support on the programme

As a student on the Accounting and Finance programme you will be allocated a specialist academic supervisor. You will have direct access to your supervisor throughout the programme via e-mail together with scheduled specific sessions to guide you toward the production of the unit assignments.

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Specific support for each unit from your supervisor is provided via Skype video link. During these sessions your supervisor will provide formative feedback on your draft work.

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Academic and Professional Development

Two supervisor sessions. The first, for your supervisor to introduce themselves to you and the second to discuss the individual business research report assignment.


The supervisor feedback and guidance sessions follow the milestones to the production of the Dissertation:

Session 1: Feedback on your draft proposal.

Session 2: Feedback on your literature review.

Session 3: Feedback on your Methodology chapter.

Session 4: Data collection.

Session 5: Analysis and interpretation of findings.

Session 6: Conclusions and ‘finishing off’.